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Tilting the Balance of Power: By Women for Women.

One of Carminati Law PLLC's missions is to help women, and their allies, fully advocate for and protect their rights. We are passionate about helping women, racial minorities, and the LGBTQ community get the best possible legal representation. This representation includes contract negotiations, family law cases, pre-litigation negotiation, litigation, outside general counsel services and more. Our firm uses its network of freelance attorneys to bring you the best and the brightest at competitive rates. Whether you are a woman, or an ally, we want to help you. If you are a man, and you want to hire an awesome team of lawyers, we happen to be the right place for that too. One does not negate the other. Hiring a lawyer is the first step in accessing your rights. We want you to know we firmly believe in that principle and will fight for you. We want to build an inclusive firm, so that our work can build a more inclusive world. Below is a summary of my path to Carminati Law PLLC's vision. It didn't happen overnight, but we are so happy we got here. Stay a while, and come back soon.

Life Inside the System: Is This All There Is?

As a young attorney, working as hard as I physically and mentally could hoping that effort would pay off in promotions and bonuses, the running joke at the office was that I would make "a great paralegal." While not in any way malevolent, the comment was a manifestation of a hard truth: no matter how many hours I put in or how high the quality of my work, my performance would always be judged on a different scale than that of my male counterparts. It wasn't even just a double-standard. It was a multi-leveled hard-to-read unspoken and usually unconscious standard. Although I chose to keep my head down and re-double my efforts, by 2015 it became clear that I had to find another way to "get big." This system was not going to work for me. I wasn't going to make partner, I wasn't going to get the big bonus, I wasn't going to get the corner office. Very simply, I wasn't going to "make it." And that was simply unacceptable. My ambitions were too big to leave it at that and the pain at seeing my talent wasted was more than I could bear. So one day I quit my day job and started Carminati Law PLLC. ​

To Be Or Not To Be: If Not This Then What?

Starting my own law firm was the first step towards re-imagining my legal practice and my contribution not only to the legal profession but to society as a whole. I was a commercial litigator-and a good one to boot. I was, and am, an excellent writer. I am tireless and I care about my clients. I'm good on my feet and love trial work. But none of this sets me apart and none of this seemed to guide me to something I would want to do and nourish "forever." While Carminati Law PLLC grew as a distributed law firm, leveraging technology and contract attorneys across the nation, I kept feeling something was missing. I considered going in-house, going back to a law firm and quitting the law altogether. None of this panned out--thankfully--but I was left wondering what was next for me--unfortunately. Until I created Argue Like a Girl.

Tilting the Scales of Justice: Using Privilege In The Service Of Those Without.

Argue Like a Girl started as a blog for feminist musings and essays. It was a play on "cry like a girl" and "run like a girl," where "like a girl" meant to do it with weakness or ineptitude. So much like others have taken words of insult and turned them around, I took that term and made it mine. As I became more politically involved, my blog turned into activism and my spirit started regenerating. This is what I was meant to do: put my intelligence, my energy and my passion in the service of those without my privilege. Women, racial minorities, the LGBTQ community, all those who, at one time or another, have faced the realization that the cards are stacked and sometimes the game is rigged against them. A law school professor once gave my class one of the top five speeches I have ever heard: "Kill the whales! Save the whales! You get to choose. But what you have earned yourself, is the freedom to choose. So choose and if you aren't doing something you want to do, then don't. Because you get to, that's what this degree gives you." (I am paraphrasing, but that was the gist). So I chose.

Big Bucks, Big Deals, Big Issues.

Carminati Law PLLC's mission is to even the playing field between those who have power and those who do not. It is a female dominated firm and it is dedicated to helping women and those similarly positioned. Whether they are in the C-Suite, entrepreneurs, business leaders, wives leaving abusive relationships, survivors of sexual assault, or ex girlfriends dealing with revenge porn, Carminati Law PLLC will be there to help them. From the executive looking for a tough lawyer to deal with a commercial dispute, to a business owner looking for an outside counsel, to individuals trying to regain control over their lives, their finances, and their emotional well-being, our firm will advocate on their behalf. We know how to operate in high-stakes cases, whether those stakes are financial, emotional, or business-related. 

If it's a big deal to you, it's a big deal to us. Call us, we have your back!

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