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Our attorneys have years of litigation experience. From civil forfeiture to commercial litigation and civil RICO trials, our firm has tried cases in courts in Texas and elsewhere and mostly in federal courts. Whether this is a business dispute or a personal disagreement, our firm is committed to helping you with your case. ​


Assume you are a lawyer and the case you've been working on is ready for trial. However, the idea of dropping everything else you're doing to disappear into a courtroom for one week, two weeks or more is giving you hives. You've come to the right place. Carminati Law PLLC can take your case, with all its discovery, depositions, and documents, and try it for you. With years of experience in municipal, state, and federal courts, we are the right team to get those cases off your plate and make you free to go back to your other clients. We'll get you through the final stretch.


From commercial litigation to real estate and personal injury, Carminati Law PLLC can help you mediate the thorniest of issues. Carrots and sticks - we know what we're doing.

You Will Never Want Another Lawyer.

We communicate with our clients in a down-to-Earth style and strive to tell them how things are, even if it is not how they want them to be. Being an attorney and counselor gives us the strength and opportunity to represent our clients while giving them realistic expectations for outcomes. That is what an ally does. 

The world is full of people who come from completely different backgrounds: cultural, business, national, and linguistic. We specialize in understanding what motivates our clients, how their businesses operate, and the minutiae of their industries. 

Practice Areas

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"Life & Law in the US" Kit for Ex Pats

We developed this kit to assist families arriving in the US to get settled with basic legal decision making documents. We know that terminology and language can make arrival to the US confusing. In an effort to help newly arrived foreign citizens, this kit delivers standard legal documents for managing your legal life in the US. The kit includes translations and Apostilled translations for easy remittance to foreign authorities.

Corporate Formation Services

Whether you want to start doing business in Texas, Colorado, or New York, Carminati Law PLLC can get you and set up so that you can get back to the business of doing business.

Outside General Counsel

Whether you want us to review and draft contracts, negotiate vendor agreements, or assess internal compliance procedures, Carminati Law PLLC offers Outside General Counsel services for either a flat monthly fee or hourly rates. Don't get caught off guard and don't sign documents you will regret. Let us take a look at them for you, before things go sideways.