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E-Discovery changed the face of litigation; legal project management will revolutionize law firms.

Is your firm ready?

Giugi Carminati, an experienced litigator and certified Legal Project Manager delivers training to you, your lawyers, and your staff in the proper management of the e-discovery process and implementation of legal project management principles.

Whether you are a firm of one or of twenty, you can't afford the pain points and inefficiencies that come from poor e-discovery practices and same-old management approaches.

Are you exhausted because you're constantly playing catch up with documents in your case?

Are you on your last nerve training personnel, again, on the proper way to organize a case?

Are you constantly wondering what some people are (or at not) doing on your cases?

There are ways to deal with these issues. The real question is this: if changing one thing could change everything, would you do it?



If none of this makes sense, email me.


Legal Project Management Intro

Legal Project Management applies traditional project management tools to cases. From kickoffs to regular meetings and task matrices, this one-hour intro introduces you to the framework and tools available to you and your firm. 

Here is my guarantee: investing this hour will change the way you look at law firm management, forever.

I dare you not to try it.


Legal Project Management Training

This half-day class walks you through the tools and techniques you can begin implementing immediately to radically change your workflow and stress levels as a practicing attorney and firm principal. We will cover scrums, swamp outs, the history of project management (agile v. waterfall), task tracking, team oversight, and deadlines (both internal and external).

The pre-class questionnaire will allow me to customize the class and address particular pain points identified by participants.

This class has no fewer than 5 participants and no more than 10.

Special pricing available for multiple firm members attending at the same time.


ESI Tracking Sheet

While this class can be taken by attorneys, it is particularly aimed at legal staff. In 2020, the legal tech blog Geek Like a Girl published a series on the ESI Tracking Sheet: how to tag, identify, and track documents coming into and leaving a law firm. If document management is a challenge at your firm, this three-hour class will save you weeks of training.

The ESI Tracking Sheet is an excel-based tool that provides seamless logging of case-related documents & evidence, facilitating your evidence gathering process at every step.

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A Plan for Your Firm, and Only Your Firm

If you are ready to make the leap and full integrate LPM and e-discovery best practices into your firm, I can provide ongoing consulting.

Whether you want a written report with guidance for your firm, a one-time in-house training for your team, short-term assistance implementing LPM & e-discovery techniques, or onboarding/training of new personnel, let's talk.

Hourly Rte: $350/hour



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