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Scientist. Attorney. Entrepreneur.
Fractional C-Suite for Startups.




Offering Specialized Fractional Leadership to Startups 


Integrate Legal & Scientific Rigor into Your Business Strategy

I provide fractional Chief Legal Officer (CLO), Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and Chief Operating Officer (COO) services to startups in exchange for equity and/or modest compensation. Each arrangement is custom-built to meet your startup where it is and give it what it needs when it needs it.

Fractional CEO: Startup Co-Founding
Bringing your startup dreams to life requires more than just an idea. Our Fractional CEO service offers you the strategic leadership and vision needed to co-found and steer your startup toward success. We assist with VC due diligence, market identification, minimum viable product ideation, partner vetting, and vendor selection. Let us help you shape your vision and provide the direction your startup needs to thrive.

Fractional CLO:  Corporate Governance and Legal Expertise

Ensuring the legal foundation of your startup is solid is vital for long-term success. Our Fractional CLO service covers all aspects of corporate creation, contract negotiation, MNDA agreements, co-founder agreements, risk profile analysis, vendor agreements, corporate compliance, and legal audits. With our expertise, your startup can navigate the legal landscape with confidence and compliance.

Fractional COO: Efficient Operations and Team Management
To keep your startup running smoothly and efficiently, you need strong operational leadership. Our Fractional COO service provides agile project management, day-to-day operations management, expertise in handling remote teams, and the implementation of your co-founder's vision. We ensure accountability and task tracking, helping you execute your startup's plans with precision and focus.

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Dr. Carminati offers a range of fractional C-suite services and co-founder roles. Whether you need help with a specific legal issue or need ongoing support, she has the expertise and resources to help you succeed.



  • Bachelor’s Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, CU Boulder

  • JSD in Space Law, Univ. of Nebraska Law School

  • JD, Univ. of Houston Law Center


  • Certified E-discovery Specialist (CEDS), ACEDS

  • Foundations of Venture Capital Funding, Columbia Business School

  • LLM in Space, Cyber & Telecommunications Law, Univ. of Nebraska Law School

  • Bar License: Texas, New York, Colorado, California, and DC

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